12 Significant Photos

My 2021 Project

"12 significant photographs in any one year is a good crop."

- Ansel Adams

At the start of 2021 I started a new photography project. Inspired by a quote by the great Ansel Adams, '12 Significant Photos' aims to showcase how the Lake District landscape changes throughout the year.

Shap Rural

Due to the restrictions placed upon us at the beginning of 2021 in response to the worsening coronavirus pandemic I have decided to limit my project to the countryside surrounding the village where I live.

Fortunately, the 'Shap Rural' civil parish has some beautiful locations including 5 summits listed in Alfred Wainwright's Pictorial Guide to the Far Eastern Fells and the Haweswater Reservoir.

Take Part

There comes a point in every photographer's journey when it is time to think beyond capturing a single image. You can take part in the project by:

  • Following the guidelines laid out below

  • Sharing your images on Instagram using the hashtag #12in12PhotoChallege

  • Joining me for a monthly video conference where you can share your experiences and offer support to the other photographers taking part

The Guidelines

Following these basic guidelines will help you to get the most out of the project:

  • Identify 12 locations in your local area and commit to visiting one of these locations every week for a year

  • Photograph each location at least once during winter, spring, summer and autumn

  • At the end of the project, select the 12 photos that best show off your local area

Each month and each location should be represented in your final selection. The selected images would be perfect for a calendar showcasing the beauty of your local area that you could give to family and friends as a gift.

What You Will Learn

The main aim of the project is to help you to develop your skills as a landscape photographer. You will learn:

  • The importance of planning and location research

  • To fine-tune your compositions over time as your knowledge of an area grows

  • To photograph the conditions as much as the landscape

Most of all I hope that you learn how projects can add purpose to your photography and help to produce a body of work of which you can be proud.

Follow My Progress

Whenever taking on a project that runs for an extended period of time such as this, I find it useful to keep track of my progress by writing a blog.

Each month I will publish a blog post sharing, not just the images that I have captured but also my experiences, both good and bad, as I work towards capturing my 12 significant photos.

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