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Transform Your Landscape Photography with 1-2-1 Coaching.

Transform your landscape photography with monthly 1-2-1 coaching sessions for just £50/month. Get the support and guidance you need to take your landscape photography to the next level and start creating stunning photos you can be proud of.




Per Month

  • Monthly online 1-2-1
  • Fortnightly group sessions
  • Join the online community for landscape photographers

The Support You Need

With a coaching subscription, you'll get the support you need to transform your landscape photography and start creating photos you can be proud of. Each month, you'll get a 60-minute online 1-2-1 during which you'll receive constructive feedback on your photos with actionable advice that will allow you to take your photography to the next level. As part of the fortnightly group sessions, you'll tackle challenges designed to stretch your creativity and encourage you to experiment with new ideas. You'll also get access to oneLandscape, the online community for landscape photographers where you can share your experiences with people on a similar journey.


To find out how I can help you take your landscape photography to the next level, send me a message using the form below.

"Why not put me to the test? Let me know the biggest challenge you face and I will reply with the details of how I will help you overcome it, providing you with practical solutions and strategies tailored to your unique situation."

Build a Solid Foundation

Sound technique is the foundation upon which we build our photographs. If you're unable to produce perfectly exposed, pin-sharp photos, nothing that comes afterwards will matter. To begin with, we'll make sure you know how to:

  • maximise depth of field
  • take control of exposure
  • handle high-contrast scenes

Adopt an Effective Approach

How you approach your photography directly influences the quality of your photos. While your approach will be unique to you, there are common objectives we all must achieve. Together, we'll make sure you know how to:

  • find interesting subjects in your local area
  • compose aesthetically pleasing photos
  • increase your chances of being in the right place at the right time

Master Post-Production

In the digital age, post-production is an essential part of landscape photography. If you do not know how to process your photos, you'll never reach your full potential. With guidance, you will learn how to:

  • control contrast to create tonal balance
  • produce natural-looking colours
  • sharpen your photos for screen and print

Full Lifecycle

Improve all aspects of your landscape photography including technique, composition, and post-production.

Best Practice

Learn the tactics and strategies used by professionals to create stunning landscape photographs.

Quick Results

Bespoke sessions are tailored to your individual needs so you get the results you want in the shortest time possible.


Happy Customers

John Toth

Pennsylvania, US

"Time spent with Chris has been invaluable and has helped take my photography to the next level."

Chris Cockroft

Isle of Wight, UK

"Working with Chris has not only increased my enjoyment but has also led to commercial success."

Steve Grenfell

Gloucestershire, UK

"I'm now confident I can take a decent photo and am enjoying my photography much more as a result."

Keith Pinn

Ontario, Canada

"I would highly recommend Chris to anyone who is looking to become a better photographer."

Tim Newby

Pembrokeshire, UK

"Chris teaches a solid, methodical approach that has helped me find better photos in my local area."

Stephen Kennedy

Stockport, UK

"Chris is a great educator with a great style; I have learned such a lot in a short space of time."