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A Proactive Approach to Managing Confidence

7th March 2022

Self-confidence is crucial if we are to find the strength to push ourselves to be better photographers. A proactive approach to managing self-confidence can help to ensure that we overcome the challenges that we face as we fight to realise our ambitions.

5 Steps to Better Compositions

27th February 2022

Improve your landscape photography compositions by following this simple but effective approach.

Why Location Knowledge is Critical for Success

21st February 2022

How I research my locations to increase my chances of being in the right place at the right time.

Why Inspiration is Important for Growth

11th February 2022

How I have been inspired by the work of other photographers and how my photography has improved as a result.

Why Structure is the Key to Improvement

3rd February 2022

How taking a more structured approach has helped me to identify my weaknesses, find inspiration in the work of others and ultimately improve my photography.

Why Planning Will Only Get You So Far

27th January 2022

How a flexible approach to landscape photography can provide fresh opportunities when the things that we cannot control conspire against us.

Why Fun is the Most Important Thing

20th January 2022

Why fun is so important and how focusing on the elements that make photography enjoyable may provide the motivation needed to master my craft.

Why My Photography Needs Purpose

13th January 2022

How a lack of purpose has had a negative impact on my motivation for photography and what I plan to do about it.

Why I Plan My Landscape Photography

6th January 2022

How planning helps me to make the most of my time on location and a common pitfall to avoid when planning a landscape photography shoot.